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1465136_611388902250573_1815663744_nTen months after picking up his Nikon, Darryl Cobb Jr. worked and trained his way into being the official photographer for Philadelphia’s largest and longest-running open mic: The Harvest (hosted at World Cafe Live). Within the next six months, Darryl earned the respect of staff writer Ryan Bivins at the widley read boxing blog BadLeftHook.com and several successful boxing promoters including Damon Felddman and Greg Robinson as well as shot ringside for a national televised match on NBC sports in addition to maches on Showtime and HBO. Darryl has also recieved props from hiop hop legend Mr. Cheeks (Lost Boyz) for his concert work and shot for DJ Too Tuff at the Philly Hip Hop awards. Also, he has done photography for community outreach via Senator Anthony H. Williams and Temple University.

Photography by Darryl Cobb Jr. offers technical expertise, artistic vision, professional treatment and a natural ability to put his photography subjects at ease. Catch the momentum and build memories with this rising photographer.


  1. Mr. Cobb,

    It was great to check out your website. You have captured some great photo’s and I know the best is yet to come.

    Best Regards,
    Mrs. Spoon

  2. howdy! great to meet you tonight at the Watkins Drinkery (my friend, Jonn’s bar).. good chat about photography, evil/good/evil photoshop 5 vs the latest trial version(s), and photogphraphers’ differences i. this century..

    ..am an artist, “oldschool” (used 3 liquids to develope my photos)” photographer, musician, painter, etc…

    awesome to meet you! thanks for the Pintley suggestion, the great convo and sharing your recent photography!


    Jason Kraley (BMI)
    Still Inertia (BMI: stillinertia.com)

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